New Dual Purpose Gas Detection Cameras

Gas detection sensors that can perceive signs of extraterrestrial life could soon become a reality thanks to a novel temperature calibration device that is being developed by researchers.

Scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have created a new temperature calibration appliance for their microhotplate, which will act as a foundation for miniature gas detection systems to identify chemical and biological agents, industrial leaks and even activity on other planets, according to data seen by ScienceDaily.

The tiny instruments, which may be coated with metal oxide films designed to detect particular gas species, attract airborne chemicals to their surfaces in order to determine the type and concentration of the gas in the surrounding environment.

Research is now underway to develop an integrated system for sensing when the metal oxide films become contaminated.

In other industry news, gas detection company RAE Systems recently announced the appointment of Bill Jackson as its new vice-president of global marketing.

Written by Lauren Steadman

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