New Gas Monitors with HART

Honeywell (UK) announce the launch of the Honeywell MicroDock II—a

test/calibration docking system compatible with the company`s expanded X Series, which includes two new portable gas detectors, the X5 (five-gas detector) and the XD (single-gas detector). The MicroDock II offers protection for an entire crew, with user-friendly features including

easy expansion (up to ten MicroDock modules can be interlinked), “one

touch” calibration/bump testing/data transfer, simplified record keeping

and battery charging of up to six X5 detectors (X5 model only).

“The MicroDock II packs advanced technology into a compact, lightweight design that’s remarkably user friendly, flexible and expandable to serve crews in a wide range of industrial settings where toxic and combustible gases pose a risk,” said Elisabeth Wasserle, Strategic Marketing Manager Portables (EMEAI). ”With its low maintenance,

one touch operation and simplified record-keeping, the MicroDock II minimises the cost of ownership for those seeking an all-inone

calibration, testing and data management system for portable gas

detection equipment.”

The MicroDock II is entirely self contained and lightweight, and can

operate without a computer. The included Fleet Manager II software for

PCs consolidates MicroDock II data information into a central database,

taking the work out of data analysis and management. This software tool

enables users to create reports automatically and manage detector

configurations. Instrument records are stored for easy retrieval in the

MicroDock II as well as each individual gas detector. The MicroDock II

connects to a PC using a standard USB connection.

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