New Environmental Monitor with Seven Available Measurements

ORBISPHERE M1100 luminescent oxygen sensor for beer and de-aerated water

Designed to measure oxygen in beer and de-aerated water with unbeatable precision, this new oxygen sensor offers minimal drift – making it the most stable sensor in the market with the longest calibration intervals.
Its two second measurement frequency offers a fast response time. The 2 minute annual calibration substantially reduces operator costs compared to other electro-chemical and luminescent sensors. With high precision and low detection levels (< 1ppb), this sensor minimizes any unnecessary production line stoppages. This also increases production uptime and process visibility.

With the elimination of membrane and electrolyte, all measurements are unaffected by process changes or pressure shocks reducing both maintenance and operating costs. This new benchmark in oxygen monitoring gives every brew-master and quality manager “peace of mind” when measuring oxygen.

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