Monitoring Equipment helps Australian Engineers Develop Kuwait Stormwater Drainage Master Plan

Spectrex’s SafEye ‘Line-of-Sight’ IR Hydrocarbon Gas Detectors feature unprecedented reliability and exceptional detection capability for flammable hydrocarbon gases/vapours in a wide range of hazardous
conditions and ambient environments.

SafEye Open Path Hydrocarbon Gas Detectors, Series 700 and 200, monitor for combustible hydrocarbon gases over an open air ‘path’ of up to 460ft (140m) and can provide alarms prior to a fire or explosion event.
The normal unit of measure for open-path detectors is the product of distance x concentration. Typical full scale is 0 – 5 LEL.meters, i.e. 100%LEL over 1 meter (or 25%LEL over 4 meters, etc).

The ’flash’ type radiation source ensures immunity to any false alarms and the unit functions effectively even in extreme environments, such as fog, rain, smog etc. Heated optics are also available to ensure continued
detection in extreme weather conditions. If the ‘open-path’ is ever completely blocked due to environmental or human intervention, a warning signal will be generated to allow corrective action or investigation.

Alignment is a simple one-man operation using a telescope – no electronic hand held device needed or connecting cables between source and detector units. The wide alignment tolerance ensures that SafEye
maintain reliable detection and availability in extreme vibration conditions.

SafEye detectors are fully Exd approved to ATEX and UL standards with a full range of interfaces including mA analogue, RS485 and HART. A SIL2 version is also available.

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