New Gas Detection Digital Modbus RTU Wall Mount Controller

Ion Science introduces GasClam, the first soil gas monitor to provide continuous, unmanned collection of total volatile organic compound (TVOC) data. GasClam is ideal for use in applications such as remediation,
compliance and monitoring in the petroleum hydrocarbon and hazardous chemicals fields.

GasClam measures TVOCs over the range 0-2000 ppm using a sophisticated PID with Fence Electrode Technology, which is paired with a sorbent tube for post monitoring qualitative and quantitative analysis of TVOC constituents. In addition, it logs methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide concentrations, atmospheric pressure, borehole pressure and temperature. Water levels can be
measured with an optional pressure transducer.

Its ability to log long-term, real trend information allows informed decisions to be made on accurate, reliable data as compared with spot sampling. Manufactured from stainless steel, GasClam is Intrinsically Safe, environmentally sealed and ingress protection rated IP-68. Battery operated, GasClam can be powered for up to three months based on hourly sampling. Sampling frequency can be set and is variable from two minutes, to once daily. Data is downloaded to a PC using RS 232 communication.

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