New Low Cost Explosion Proof Detectors

Aqua Diagnostic have invented a revolutionary green technology COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) analyser capable of real-time accurate and sensitive (sub-ppm) COD analysis. The PeCODâ„¢ COD Analysers utilise a patented photoelectrochemical technology to provide accurate real-time COD analysis in a wide variety of sample matrices.

The PeCODâ„¢ technology is available in three different models purpose designed for Laboratory use, Field Portable analysis, and Online COD monitoring. Accurate real-time monitoring of COD provides significant opportunities for cost saving through process optimisation and improved regulatory compliance in Waste Water Treatment, Environmental Monitoring, Manufacturing Process Control (for industries using coolant water, water feedstock, seawater) and BNR plants.

The PeCODâ„¢ COD system also addresses many of the long-standing issues with current COD techniques, as outlined below.

Known issues with traditional techniques
Interference from chloride
Speed of Analysis
Limited Sensitivity
Use of toxic chemicals
Poor accuracy and sensitivity for certain classes of organics

PeCODâ„¢ COD Analysers
Can determine COD in seawater matrices
Typical analysis time is 5-10 minutes per sample
Determination of COD to sub-ppm levels
Uses no toxic or hazardous chemicals, requiring only an electrolyte solution for operation
Can accurately analyse a broad range of organics from straight chain aliphatics, alcohols, halogenated hydrocarbons to benzene derivatives

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