New Innovox Toc Analyzer Runs Brine and Other Tough Samples with Ease

IR Microsystems (Switzerland), a leader in compact, tunable laser

diode based gas sensors for monitoring, safety and process control, presents an innovative sub-ppm ammonia gas detector.

The drift-free detector shows an excellent RMS noise of only 0.15 ppm,

with perfect linearity up to 1000 ppm. The sensors are targeted toward

applications in industrial safety, refrigeration, emission control, life-stock farming and agriculture.

“The ammonia sensor performance combined with its long life-time is unmatched in this class of instruments and especially out-plays traditional electrochemical cell sensors” says IR Microsystems’ CTO, Dr. Bert Willing.

The “microLGD” gas sensors are offered as stand-alone systems or OEM sub-mounts for the continuous monitoring of NH3 and other gases like O2, CO2, CH4, H2O, etc.

Compared to current gas sensor technologies, IR Microsystems’ “Next Generation Gas Detection” products feature exceptional advantages like extremely high selectivity, calibration-free operation, low-cost-of-ownership, and functional safety.

The patented measurement principle is based on Tunable Diode Laser

Spectrometry (TDLS) and results in unique products without a reference channel, allowing for simpler, lower-cost systems. The sensor comprises a microprocessor-driven read-out module with digital and analog data outputs for industry-standard connectivity (I2C-bus, RS485, RS232, or 4-20 mA). The unit is built ready-to-use for rapid OEM integration into stand-alone units, detector networks or explosion-proof housings.

With its extremely high selectivity, functional safety, calibration-free operation, very good long-term stability, long lifetime, and scalability of cost, this breakthrough technology is set to change the gas detection landscape.

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