New Intrinsically Safe 6 Gas Detector

Flexible and easily adjusted to suit the specific requirements of different personal monitoring applications, the new Draeger (Germany) X-am gas detection instrument provides accurate, reliable measurement of 1 to 5 gases. Lightweight and as small as a mobile phone, it is completely maintenance free and ensures fast, reliable monitoring of ambient air. Rugged in design and easy to use, this innovative, ATEX approved* instrument also offers extremely low operational costs.

Incorporating the latest miniaturised XXS generation of high performance

sensors, the X-am 5000 can be fitted with up to four sensors to detect as many as five gases at once. For example, by using a catalytic Ex-sensor together with two electrochemical sensors and a combination, double sensor for CO and H2S, it will provide simultaneous measurement of explosive gases and vapours as well as O2 and other toxic gases.

As well as a wide range of sensors to protect against CO, H2S, CO2, Cl2, HCN, NH3, NO2, PH3 and SO2, Draeger oxygen sensors offer a five-year expected lifetime, and the catalytic Ex sensor, calibrated tomethane, offers exceptional longevity. Providing improved safety when facing unknown hazards, this Ex sensor responds quickly to explosive

gases (additional calibrations are available) and offers a high level of sensitivity to combustible organic vapours. As a result, it ensures

dependable warnings in the event of explosive hazards.

Easy to exchange, upgrade and/or calibrate for different gases, the use of Draeger sensors alsomeans that the instrument is suited

to a wide range of personal monitoring applications, including those associated with rental equipment.

Designed for intuitive operation and featuring a practical two-key control panel and straightforward menu guidance system, the X-am 5000 features three different alarms. The audible multi-tone alarm is impossible to miss, whilst a visual 180-degree alarm helps to ensure that the warning is not ignored, as does the built-in vibrational alarm.

Dust and water resistant to IP67, this rugged instrument will even remain fully functional and ready for use after being dropped in

water. The integrated rubber protection and shockproof sensors provide additional resistance to impact and vibration, and the unit is also able to withstand electromagnetic interference.

Fitted with a crocodile clip for secure attachment to clothing, the ergonomic design features gas inlets on both the top and front to ensure that, even if it is accidentally placed in a jacket pocket, it will still provide a reliable warning against gas hazards.

The X-am 5000 can be used with either the standard alkaline or optional NIMH batteries. In addition it can be fitted with a T4 battery which can be recharged in the workshop or in a vehicle, whilst still inside the instrument.

A variety of options are also available such as an external pump with flexible hose for use in pre-entry/confined space measurement applications and the Draeger E-Cal automatic test and calibration station. Designed to save time and reduce workload, the Draeger Bump Test Station is another ideal system extension. Equipped with a data logger as standard, the unit also allows data such as measured values and configurations to be transmitted via infrared interface to a PC. The data can then be analysed using the Draeger Gas Vision software, with optional user registration being carried out via the Draeger CC-Vision software.

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