New Ultima X3 Technology

Hitech Instruments have been specialising in gas analysers for over 25 years. All the design and manufacture is in the UK and a number of different sensor technologies are employed.

Oxygen measurement, often to show the absence of it, is required in many process applications. Hitech employ a number of different galvanic and zirconia measuring cells dependent on the process, the gas mixture and the level of oxygen.

Katharometer sensors use thermal conductivity to measure one gas in a binary or pseudo-binary mixture and have many applications measuring hydrogen, helium, argon, sulphur hexafluoride and many more.

Infrared sensors are a useful alternative technology particularly for carbon dioxide and methane.

With a large design department Hitech have been able to respond quickly to market led requirements for multi-parameter instruments for the chlor-alkali process, landfill gas monitoring market, hydrogen cooled generator purging systems and modified atmosphere packaging.

Hitech analysers are available in a number of different configurations – simple portable, rugged and robust portable and panel mount instruments with choices of integral and remote sensors. Options are available for hazardous area applications. Dedicated sampling conditioning systems can be supplied to deal with the different conditions of each process.

Hitech take great pride in the level of technical support they provide, directly in the UK and internationally through a network of distributors and agents. New distributor enquiries are always welcomed.

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