Pressure Peak Recording Hydraulic Systems

H2scan Corporation (USA) announce the launch of their new explosion-proof HY-OPTIMA™ 2700 In-Line Process Hydrogen Monitor, the Company’s most robust analyser to date. The 2700 is designed primarily for hazardous environments in the oil and gas, hydrogen production and other chemical industries.

“Our new 2700 model is the powerhouse of our market-leading HY-OPTIMA™ product line incorporating our most advanced functionality and UL certification. These new features mean a safer work environment for our customers in a less expensive product form factor,” said H2scan’s Vice President of Engineering &Technology, Vikas Lakhotia.

The HY-OPTIMA™ 2700 Analyser stems from H2scan’s successful oil refinery installations of their ATEX-certified HY-OPTIMA™ 1700 Analyser, and is available as a standalone instrument or as part of a complete, integrated process system. The device is explosion-proof without the need for an analyser shelter and is the only monitor offering a 10-year expected life. It has no consumable or moving parts due to H2scan’s solid-state sensing technology, and combines detection and measurement on one chip – from low concentrations up to 100%. The 2700 includes a faster microprocessor for advanced signal processing, improved data logging capacity up to one year and remote control for easy interfacing.

H2scan’s HY-OPTIMA™ 2700 real-time hydrogen-specific process analysers are designed for ease of use, interface flexibility and true process control. The HY-OPTIMA™ 2700 uses a solid-state sensor that is configured to operate in process gas streams. The 2700 line of analysers includes models that can accurately measure hydrogen in process gas streams containing up to 20% by volume carbon monoxide (CO) and up to 10% by volume of hydrogen sulphide (H2S). The HY-OPTIMA™ 2700 is ideal for hydrogen production, refinery and petrochemical applications where real-time measurements can enhance process plant efficiencies, diagnostics and maintenance management.

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