Atex Approved Ppm Methane Detector

Scientific and Technical Gases Ltd (UK) are delighted to announce that the international launch of its’ 112 litre non-refillable aluminium ISO11118 approved cylinder. All reactive gases such as H2S, SO2, 4 gas (quad gas), NO, NO2, HCN, HCl, Cl2, NH3 etc, can now be supplied in the
larger 112 litre cylinder.
Up until recently, the largest cylinder available was up to 60 litres of gas. The new 112 litre cylinder allows customers to get over twice
the gas for very little extra cost. There is also a major saving in terms of shipping costs. The new cylinder has been very well received with orders coming from as far a field as Australia, Singapore, Middle East and Europe. The 112 litre cylinder has the same valve and uses the same regulators as for the smaller 60 litre (58 litre) aluminium cylinder and the 103 litre steel cylinder supplied by other UK, European and USA manufacturers. There is therefore no need to purchase any extra regulators or equipment for the new cylinder. In addition to the new 112 litre cylinder, Scientific and Technical Gases are pleased to announce its’ new On-Demand Flow Regulator (ODFR) (pictured). The ODFR allows customers with pumped instruments to take the exact amount of gas they require from the cylinder without the need for solenoid valves. The ODFR regulator will prevent gas being released once the instrument pump stops pulling a vacuum. The ODFR is used extensively for auto calibration type systems around the world.

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