Record sales of 112 Litre Non-Refillable Aluminium Cylinder (112DA)

The Optima 7 is a true 5 sensors Hand Held Emission Analyser which can be equipped with up to 5 electrochemical sensors to simultaneously measure 02, CO, NO, NO2 and SO2. Selected cells can be installed for the measurement of Low NO and Low CO with resolution down to only 0.1 ppm.

A super bright colour 3.5” TFT display with back light and task oriented menu make possible to display simultaneously all the combustions gases and calculated combustion parameter to easily perform the adjustment and tuning or combustion processes, such as process heaters, gas engines and industrial boilers

Optima 7 offers real time data transfer via optional Blue tooth or standard mini USB port to a PC or Notebook for data logging and trend analysis.

The newly integrated but removable water trap uses new special coated Teflon filter ensuring maximum protection to dust and preserving the cells life.

Different probe shaft lengths, diameters and temperature ranges ensure high flexibility for all applications. To change, the probe shaft is simply attached to the probe handle . Special flue gas probes for industrial engines are designed to maximise accuracy on N02 and S02 reading.. In addition, modular industrial probes are available for rugged process conditions.

We have made the purchasing of the Optima 7 even more convenient and easy by assembling already configured kit with will save you money and time.

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The new Optima 7 manufactured by MRU gmbg , in Germany ,( is especially designed for commissioning, service and maintenance works of combustion processes such as:

  • Gas and Oil Burners of any size
  • Stationary gas engines
  • Gas Turbine
  • Industrial process

MRU, is a German based manufacturing company which specialises in designing and manufacturing of in-line process analysers and portable emission units. The technology used is based on electro chemicals and NDIR non dispersive infrared technology. MRU is distributed exclusively for the United Kingdom by Rasitech-ltd ( which specialise in selling and services of Portable Emission Analysers . The Rasitech service centre offers a unique customised service, based on a fast response and quick turn

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