Locating Hydrogen Leaks As Quickly As Possible

Landfill gas analysers should be certified for use in Zone 2 hazardous areas according to the industry Code of Practice ESA ICOP 2nd Edition, a

decision endorsed by the Health & Safety Executive.

Hitech Instruments (UK) were the first company to introduce a purpose

designed, fixed analyser that is Zone 2 ATEX compliant. The GIR5000

analyser measures methane, oxygen and carbon dioxide as standard.

Hitech Instruments design and manufacture according to customers

applications and other sensors will be available on demand, hydrogen

sulphide is a popular option. Alternatively if fewer parameters are required then the GIR2500 measures just methane and oxygen and there is a wide variety of single parameter instruments.

The GIR5000 uses Hitech`s proven sensor technology and robust

electronics making it highly reliable in field use. There are no consumables and the maintenance requirement is very low. Occasional checks will determine if calibration is necessary.

Hitech realise that the analysis is only as good as the sample presented

to the sensors. Sample conditioning systems, flow alarms and pumps are all optional accessories depending on the application.

Hitech take great pride in the level of technical support they provide,

directly in the UK and internationally through a network of distributors and agents. New distributor enquiries are always welcomed.

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