The Simple Solution to Carbon Dioxide Detection

With its highly intelligent design, General Monitors` (USA) advanced

S4000C Combustible Gas Detector is now available with HART®.

The new Model S4000CH detector is suitable for a wide range of

demanding industrial applications where the potential presence of

dangerous hydrocarbon-based combustible gas is a threat to people,

equipment, and facilities.

The S4000CH Gas Detector features General Monitors` precision

catalytic bead sensor. This sensor provides exceptional reliability for

precise gas detection, ease of set-up and use, as well as simple

maintenance. In harsh industrial process environments, it delivers

dependable safety monitoring with low cost-of-ownership.

HART is a field-proven instrumentation communications protocol that is

easy-to-use and provides reliable two-way digital communication without

disturbing the integrity of the 4-20 mA analog signal. HART permits remote process variable interrogation, cyclical access to process data, parameter setting and diagnostics. Unlike other protocols, HART is backward compatible with the installed base of instrumentation

in use today.

S4000CH Combustible Gas Detector: The S4000CH is a hydrocarbon gas detector suitable for use in SIL 3 applications and approved by FM, CSA, ATEX, GOST and has CE Marking. It features a three-digit display and an explosion-proof housing, which allows all data to be processed locally at the sensor site. The S4000CH is also available with an optional relay configuration that is appropriate for SIL 2 processes. The S4000CH features one-person calibration for ease of maintenance.

With its dependable catalytic bead sensor, the S4000CH monitors combustible gas and vapors within the lower explosive limit (LEL) and provides status indication and alarm outputs. In addition, the

S4000CH is equipped with relay contacts that can be used to indicate an alarm or fault condition and dual redundant Modbus or HART communication. Configurations with relays, Modbus and HART are available to meet many needs.

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