Ion Science Launch Fully Upgradeable, Multi-gas PID

Air Liquide UK Ltd has launched the Alphagaz Flo range of laboratory generators. The range includes ultra high purity (UHP) nitrogen, air and hydrogen and a dedicated nitrogen generator for liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LCMS) applications.

The range of laboratory generators have been tested and approved in conjunction with leading instrument manufacturers for a variety of analytical applications. Service support is a key factor to reliability, and Air Liquide offers an unrivalled national support network of engineers backed by years of expertise and knowledge.

With the addition of the new product range Air Liquide has a Total Gas Supply Solution for all analytical requirements, and our commercial experts are available to offer the customer a free consultation service to help you decide what is best for your business.

Our focus is to develop the optimal solution, whether it is cylinder gases (pures and/or mixtures), liquid, purifiers, generators, equipment and installations. Air Liquide will ensure that the customer will make an informed choice resulting in the optimum economical, quality, safety and service support solution. The key point of the philosophy is that the customer should be in control.

Air Liquide’s bespoke solutions benefit the customer maintaining flexibility with the customer’s developments. Current examples include; Novel facility fee payment schemes which can include cylinders, generators and equipment, Monthly reports detailing gas usage, cylinder tracking and ordering frequency, Unequivocal service levels ensuring continuity of gas supply, Technical experts who can advise and offer training on a vast range of gas and equipment related issues including health & safety.

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