Toxic Gas Detector Now Available With HART Communications Protocol

Gas detection equipment and several medical drills have been donated to a Texan city fire department.

The Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation yesterday bestowed the Round Rock Fire Department with $12,500 (£7,350) worth of potentially lifesaving additions to their kit, including an RAE monitor gas detector and ten sets of EZ-IO drills.

Round Rock Fire Department chief Larry Hodge said that intravenous therapy (IV) tools, such as the drills, are of extreme importance to the station as emergency medical service makes up 70 per cent of its workload and starting an IV is one of the hardest tasks the firefighters need to do.

“This comes at a time when we have reduced our budget by $350,000, so we would not have the funds to buy this equipment without this gift,” he told the Community Impact newspaper.

“This equipment gives us the means to improve our services to the community.”

In related news, RAE Systems, a company that claims to be one of the pioneers in delivering innovative sensor solutions to worldwide markets, recently launched a new fixed toxic gas monitoring system.

Written by Claire Manning

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