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Searchline Excel from Honeywell Analytics, is an Open Path Infrared Hydrocarbon gas detector comprising of a separate transmitter and receiver. As the market-leading Open Path device, Searchline Excel is able to deliver a wide, dynamic range in terms of distance and features self-checking diagnostics, enabling maximum on-line availability.

Providing unrivalled monitoring that is immune to the effects of sunlight, the Searchline Excel also has an outstanding performance in harsh weather conditions such as fog, snow and rain. It’s response times are some of the fastest in the market place – T90 in less than 3 seconds (under normal operating conditions), and the device can operate in temperatures of -40°C to 65°C (-40°C to 150°F).

The multi-drop Modbus capability enables significant savings in installation and cabling costs, whilst the two way digital communication protocol allows configuration, warning and fault diagnosis information to be communicated back to the control room. This reduces service and maintenance costs as the operator can diagnose the state of any individual unit before deciding to send anyone into the field.

Aside from its amazing performance and its online availability, Searchline Excel also features user-friendly operation and calibration, and the device only needs one operator to align the transmitter and receiver.

Searchline Excel Key Features:

· No unseen failure modes

· Outstanding performance – T90 in less than 3 seconds

· Immune to sunlight

· Excellent performance in severe weather conditions (rain, snow and fog)

· IP66 & IP67 rated

· Single operator alignment

· Early warning of dirty optics

· Standard 4-20mA output (optional Modbus RS485 multi-drop available)

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