Calor: Apologies for 17-tonne gas spill

Industrial Scientific Corporation (USA) have launched the new iTransâ„¢ DS2 Docking Stationâ„¢. The iTransâ„¢ DS2 is the world`s first system that automates calibration, record-keeping and instrument diagnostics for fixed-point gas monitors.

Until now, these functions had to be manually performed by a field technician carrying cylinders of gas around to each sensor in a facility. With sensors in hard to reach places, technicians faced additional hazards from climbing ladders, going over pipe racks, or

avoiding other obstacles. These and other complications have made it difficult for companies to follow industry best practices for routine testing and calibration of their fixed-point gas monitors.

iTrans DS2 can perform these tasks automatically or on demand. When instruments are maintained regularly, equipment reliability increases, safety concerns decrease, and more resources can be focused toward a company`s core business. All iTransâ„¢ gas monitors with software version 7.5 or higher are compatible with the new iTrans DS2 and the iNet Instrument Networkâ„¢. iNetâ„¢. is a fully automated instrument management solution providing instrument data analysis, report generation and replacement parts services. The iTrans DS2 and iNet can be part of a new gas monitor installation or retrofit to existing installations.

The iTrans fixed-point gas monitor provides one or two points of detection from a single head. The three or four wire system allows gas sensors to be mounted on-board or remotely up to 200 meters away. The system can also accommodate more than 200 transmitters in RS485 bus configuration. Industry-proven “smart” sensor technology enables iTrans to monitor a wide range of gases for specific applications.

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