Casella Joins Forces with RAE Systems

GfG (Germany) announce that performance test approval for its’ G450 and G460 multi-gas detectors has been achieved.

It is a legal requirement in EU countries that portable multi-gas detectors used in hazardous locations should have their gas detection performance tested and verified by an independent test authority, and approved to EN European standards.

The G450 and G460 are certified to the following standards:-

EN 60079-29-1 Performance test for combustible gas sensors
EN 50104 Performance test for oxygen
EN 45544-1 Performance test for toxic gases
EN 45544-2 Performance test for toxic gases
EN 50271 Software

In addition, the flammable gas performance test approval (EN 60079-29-1) for the G450 and G460 includes methane, propane, hexane and n-nonane, so the user is protected against the whole range of combustible gases that may be encountered.

“For many years, users of gas detection instruments have had no sure way of knowing that the product they are using is actually doing the job it was intended for”, said Gavin Boorman, President of GfG Europe. “ATEX approval is essential to ensure electrical safety, but ATEX alone does not tell you if your gas detector is actually detecting gas in compliance with the required standards. These new EN standards for performance testing give users peace of mind that the gas detection performance of the product they choose has been independently tested, and that it complies with the required standards.”

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