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To further fulfill its mission of providing the best customer service, Industrial Scientific (USA) has introduced its Firefighter Hazard

Awareness course in an online format. An alternative to the ongoing classroom-based course, the online training gives students a convenient

option, which allows them to learn at their own pace.

The course has been designed and taught by fire service professionals to explain how to detect gas hazards commonly encountered in this profession. There are 10 online modules in this course with a quiz at the end of each module. Students successfully completing the final

exam at the end of the course will receive a competency certificate. Interested students can register for the course by logging on to

http://www.indsci.com/serv_train_ffha_online.asp and following the prompts. Topics covered in the online course include atmospheric

hazards, atmospheric testing, fire service applications, sensor technology, Bump Testing & Calibration, datalogging & industrial hygiene and gas monitor operation and maintenance. Other online courses covering instrument operation and industry-specific applications will be

released in the future to provide convenience and accessibility to quality gas detection training.

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