Expanded Range of Industrial Analysers

Affinity FLS is the new generation of foldable disposable respirators from MSA. Its high-performance thin and light filtering media provides a comfortable fit even when used for longer periods.

Affinity FLS folded respirators offer effective protection against penetrating solid and liquid aerosol particles present in various work environments. Meeting the requirements of EN 149:2001, the different types of masks
conform respectively to protection levels FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3. A colour coding system ensures easy identification and helps the user to select the right kind of mask for any given application.

The smooth inner lining of Affinity FLS provides a secure and comfortable seal. The low-profile design with vertical fold makes it ideal for use under welding hoods or in any tight spot where a respirator must be worn. A pre-shaped nose clip allows for easy contour adjustments to achieve a snug fit that prevents exhaled breath from escaping and fogging safety glasses. The elastic band ensures easy donning and doffing and a good tight fit for all face and head sizes. An optional available exhalation valve optimises the airflow by removing warm exhaled breath. The reduced temperature and moisture vapour make breathing easier.

Affinity FLS is dolomite tested to guarantee better breathing comfort and longer service life, particularly in high dust environments. Due to the exceptional quality of the filtering media, Affinity FLS masks have a storage life
of 5 years, from the date of manufacture. With its individual wrapping, Affinity FLS can be carried on the job, when not in use. Even in dirty environments, it will remain clean and hygienic. Due to its small size, the respirator fits easily into any pocket, ready for immediate use.

For further information please contact your local MSA representative.

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