Explosion-Proof Transmitter

RAS model gas detector from Oggioni (Italy) is a device for explosive and toxic gases detection in atmosphere, it is certified II 2 G EEx-d IIC T6 and manufactured according to ATEX directive.

RAS model gas detectors can also be equipped with an Infrared sensor for detection of Hydrocarbons and Carbon Dioxide (CO2), they are easy to use thanks to their automatic zero calibration and to their “one man” span calibration capability with possibility to verify all parameters from a remote PC station by their serial RS485 (standard Modbus protocol) or wireless Bluetooth communication and the “EnoseBlu” software.

RAS model gas detectors with Infrared technology are immune to any type of poisoning and are capable to work in atmosphere which are oxygen deficient, Moreover, RAS model gas detectors are fail safe: all possible failures (by the optical & circuit) are detectable and transmitted to the control system via the analogue signal.

RAS model gas detectors with Infrared technology do not require routine maintenance, are self compensating and not subject to drift and are of sturdy design that brag an MTBF of 15 years.

RAS model gas detectors are particularly suitable for atmosphere analysis into underground passages, shafts, wells, tanks or for wide areas monitoring like refineries, LPG storage sites, petrochemical locations, thanks to the possibility of a remote connection by RS485 serial bus.

All gas detectors of RAS family are “active” type: they have an electronic circuit on the field for analogue signal conditioning, those detectors can be configured in order to respond (by a sole installation) to different plant requirements.


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