Gas detection equipment donated to Texas fire station

Bühler Technologies GmbH (Germany), specialised supplier of components and systems for gas analysis for almost 40 years, presents the first version of a new series of gas analysers.

The Bulyzer 3 select replaces the BA 3000 and the BA 3500 series. The new model is amulticomponent analyser designed for 19” rack installation.
The modular design allows the integration of a maximum of four individual measuring cellsand provides the analysis with up to four gas components simultaneously. For the oxygen analysis, a selection of three different measuring cells is provided: a cost effective electrochemical cell, a long lasting and precise paramagnetic dumb bell cell for the % range and for oxygen traces it is possible to integrate a Circonia dioxide cell. A range of NDIR cells is optional for other gas components. This selection covers almost all relevant applications in process or emission analysis.
One of the advantages of the modular design is the cost effective possibility of either enhancing the number of cells at a later stage or adopt the analyser to new application parameters even on site. This advantage also implies low maintenance requirements.
A 4,7” touch-screen functions as a central operation unit. In combination with a well structured menu allows intuitive easy operation. Status, set points and alarm signals are provided both as analogue and digital outputs. The menu indicates also die analysis of the obtained measurements as well as comprehensive diagnostic functions.

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