GasCheck 5000is the Detector of Choice for PSL Energy Services

Based on the great experience with the successful gas sensor

“smartMODUL” smartGAS (Germany) launches their new product range of reliable IR gas sensors.

Standard interfaces, different embodiments and a wide range of detectable gases are predestining the new sensor family for a multiplicity of applications like process control, biogas analyses,

greenhouse monitoring, intelligent climate control and many others.

The smartMODULFLOW comes enclosed in an aluminum housing and with hose connections to ensure that hazardous gases cannot escape from the process.

For an easy integration the smartMODULCONNECT was developed to provide standard interfaces like 4-20mA, 0-1V or a data communication about RS485 via MODBUS ASCII and a power supply range of 12V to 30V DC. As a perfect solution for very challenging applications the smartMODULPREMIUM

combines the features of the FLOW and the CONNECT version.

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