Gasurveyor 500 series The Portable Gas Detection Solution for the Gas Industry

Ashtead Technology Rentals (UK) is launching a new fleet of instruments designed specifically to detect the many toxic and hazardous gases that can arise in drains and underground cavities.

It is believed that over 80,000 new chemicals have been created in the last 50 years and many of them, unfortunately, end up in our drainage systems. A high proportion of these chemicals are toxic and anyone working in confined spaces needs to be aware of the dangers that they present. However, hazardous conditions can be created when different chemicals mix and react, forming noxious gases or lowering oxygen levels.

Ashtead’s James Carlyle says, “There is a major requirement for rental instruments within the drainage sector because of the requirement for Health and Safety Assessments under the Confined Spaces Regulations (1997) and The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1999). These require employers and selfemployed people to carry out a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks for all work activities for the purpose of deciding what measures are necessary for safety. For work in confined spaces this means identifying the hazards present, assessing the risks and determining what precautions to take.”

The HSE advises, ‘It may be necessary to check that it (the air) is free from both toxic and flammable vapours and that it is fit to breathe. Testing should be carried out by a competent person using a suitable gas detector which is correctly calibrated.’

Ashtead’s fleet of instruments for health and safety assessments include toxic gas detectors, explosimeters, dust monitors, HVAC monitors, and instruments for the measurement of noise and vibration.

These instruments come from world leading manufacturers such as Rae, BW Technologies, TSI Instruments, Thermo, Quest and Casella.

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