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Honeywell (UK) announce the launch of XNX, a highly flexible, universal gas transmitter that can be used with any of Honeywell Analytics’ range of gas sensor technologies.
XNX helps to simplify installation and reduce costs by providing all the industry standard output signals, enabling users to have a single interface to all their gas detection needs; even when different types of detectors are employed to address the different gas detection applications on site.

The most effective gas detection systems often employ a variety of detection technologies including point flammable detectors (both catalytic and infrared type), toxic and Oxygen electrochemical cell type detectors and open path infrared detectors. XNX provides a common transmitter interface to all of these and can be configured to provide all industry standard signal outputs to match the individual requirement of each application or the preferred site standard. The device is optimized for adaptability with a future-proof design that allows other output modules to be fitted as new output standards are developed and adopted by industry.

XNX can further reduce both installation and ongoing costs by providing common tools, common interface and common spare parts, allowing the device to deliver ease of operation, a reduced need for training and also a reduction in spare stock levels required.

Users can modify the device’s operation using the LCD and magnet switches without ever needing to open the unit. An optional local IS HART® terminal port is also available, enabling one man, non-intrusive, operation, which also helps to reduce routine maintenance time and costs. Local LEDs are also provided to indicate the unit’s status at a glance.
XNX is compatible with all of Honeywell Analytic’ current range of industrial fixed gas sensors including Searchline Excel, Searchpoint Optima Plus, Sensepoint (HT and PPM) and Model 705, and sensors can be remotely mounted. There are also two new versions of sensor available with this device; the new Multi Purpose Detector (MPD), which provides serviceable stainless steel sensor housing with plug in catalytic and infrared sensor cartridges and the new XNX EC sensor, which is also a serviceable stainless steel sensor with a wide range of toxic and Oxygen plug in sensor cartridges. The sensor’s interface to the XNX transmitter is intrinsically safe, allowing sensors to be ‘hot swapped’ without the need for a hot work permit.
XNX features global approvals including ATEX, UL, CSA standards, ATEX, UL and CSA performance approval (pending) and IEC61508 SIL 2 (pending).

This device’s adaptable design, coupled with its easy and flexible use make XNX suited to a wide range of applications and industries including offshore oil and production facilities, oil and gas exploration and drilling, refineries, petrochemical/chemical plants, onshore oil and gas terminals, gas transmission and power stations.

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