HACH LANGE brings no membranetechnology to BOD measurement.

Electrochemical cells, pellister, IR cells and solid-state sensors are prone to damage because of shock and vibration. Andon (USA) became aware of the gas instrument industry’s need for a solution to this problem, as well as the need for higher liability and lower cost.

The old state-of-the-art test jacks were designed for single meter probes and not for multi-pin sockets.

Andon developed the unique SENSTACâ„¢ Sensor Contacts made in-house in a variety of sizes with high temperature insulation and gold plated terminals and contacts to be RoHS compliant.

Gas Sensor Sockets are available in standard thru-hole PCB footprints and in surface mount (SMD) to also accept the leaded sensor. This is especially important for reducing weight and space by eliminating one PCB and surface mounting components on both sides of one PCB.

The insulator holds all the terminal/contact assemblies for easy pick and place, without the labor-intensive cost of handling and soldering individual test jacks. The result is exact perpendicular and parallel terminal alignment to prevent stress on the delicate sensor leads and case. Customized pin layouts are also available with additional pins for a temperature sensor or memory chips.

The president of Andon Electronics, John O. Tate, developed the original multi-finger high precision socket contacts over 40-years ago for the Aerospace and Military high shock and vibration requirements. This contact design remains today the most reliable in-service design.

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