High-speed Factory Servicing Gets Even Faster for Gas Analysers

The Euro-Gas (UK) range of gas sensors has now been extended with the introduction of the exciting C20 miniature Carbon Dioxide sensor that delivers speed, low power consumption and long-term stability.

The C20 sensor is a fast response, low power miniature infrared sensor, which uses exciting and unique solid state infrared technology. This high performance Carbon Dioxide sensor is ideal for an extensive range of applications including: indoor air quality & ventilation; cellar & gas stores; shipping; car park monitoring; mining; greenhouses; diving equipment; automotive and more!The C20 sensor is easy to use.

With two readings per second and a T90time of less than five seconds, the sensor is fast and can be used to measure rapid changes in gas concentrations. The Carbon Dioxide measured output is temperature

compensated andlinearised. Leading edge LED technology allows the sensor to run at low power –less than 100mW running at full speed –which is particularly ideal for battery and portable applications. No signal processing is required –simply plug it in, power it up

and read the data.To assist with development, Euro-Gas also offers a development kit consisting of the C20 sensor and driver electronics mounted on a support PCB with LCD display. The Euro-Gas range of gas sensors offers unique features and potential advances for end product performance, ensuring cost effective, high quality solutions forgas detection OEMs. Euro-Gas is also a worldwide specialist supplier of low cost test and calibration gas mixtures in non-refillable and refillable cylinders. For further information, please kindly contact Natasha Amnerat Euro-Gas Management Services Ltd.

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