Highly Intelligent Combustible Gas Detector with HART for Easy Field Communication

ESS Safeforce, one of the UK`s leading suppliers of hire safety

equipment, has recently added over 250 Crowcon gas detectors to its

existing hire fleet. The purchase included 60 Detective Plus

transportable gas monitors, bringing the total Detective Plus hire fleet

to over 200 units. In addition, the company added a further 150 Triple

Plus Plus and 50 Tetra 3 portable multi-gas detectors to the same fleet.

In all, ESS Safeforce now has almost 1,000 Crowcon detectors.

“The decision to expand our gas detector fleet was taken as part

of the ongoing development of our `Shutdown Services` operation,

which provides safety equipment such as gas detection, breathing air

trailers and safety lighting to large industrial sites when they are shut

down for maintenance,” explained ESS Safeforce`s sales director Peter

Jones. “We were extremely pleased with the performance of our

existing Crowcon detectors, so when the time came to expand our fleet, Crowcon was the obvious choice.”

The Detective Plus is a free-standing, transportable gas detector which provides reliable protection wherever there are short-term

gas hazards, including annual plant shutdowns. It can be used individually or in groups to monitor up to four gases at once. It is ideal for wide-area coverage, where several units can be linked together to create a perimeter protection system. If a dangerous gas level is detected, the device warns with a wailing 104 dBA siren and flashing, high intensity LED beacons visible from all angles.

The Triple Plus Plus and the Tetra 3 are two of Crowcon`s most popular portable multi-gas detectors. Designed for the most demanding conditions, including confined space work, they can monitor up to four gases at once, including oxygen, flammable gas and a full range of toxic gases. Each unit has easy to use operating buttons that can control all functions even with a gloved hand and bright displays give simultaneous viewing of all gas readings, alarm conditions and battery life.

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