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MSA’s (Germany) state-of-the-art Permanent Gas Detection System
ULTIMA X now features HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) digital protocol, a bi-directional industrial field communication protocol used to communicate between intelligent field instruments and host systems.
ULTIMA XL/XT Gas Monitors are unique worldwide as they offer the flexibility to use HART protocol or the very simple and effective local calibration.
HART features two simultaneous communication channels: the 4-20mA analogue signal and a digital signal, enabling the user to perform convenient set-up, calibration and diagnostics from any point along the 4-20mA line.
With the ULTIMA XL/XT Gas Monitors the user has multiple calibration
options: the handheld HART communicator, a controller or laptop which
communicates via a dedicated HART Software and local internal LEDs and pushbuttons.
The versatile units are well-suited for both indoor and outdoor installations.
ULTIMA XL is explosion-proof with a stainless steel enclosure, while ULTIMA XT uses a general purpose, water and corrosion resistant polycarbonate housing.
The ULTIMA XL/XT Series offers an affordable choice in continuous gas
detection and monitoring while retaining key features and sensors of MSA’s ULTIMA X Series. Plants using ULTIMA XL/XT Gas Monitors benefit from significant savings. The cost-effective, non-display units use well proven catalytic, electrochemical and infrared technologies for detection of combustible and toxic gases and for oxygen deficiency. The interchangeable smart sensors can be changed under power without declassifying a hazardous area.
ULTIMA XL/XT Gas Monitors are well-suited solutions and management asset for multiple gas detection coverage in oil and gas applications in chemical and petrochemical facilities, steel mills, water and wastewater treatment plants and general industry.

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