Instrument Enclosures for Hazardous Areas

A gas detection and shutdown system called Gaschecka – which uses Pyroban technology – is to be installed on the forklift fleet of a leading European company.

Univar, a firm specialising in the sales, marketing, usage and safe handling of a large variety of chemicals and ingredients, has introduced a new corporate safety policy which will standardise its explosion-proof European forklift fleet through the deployment of Pyroban technology.

Martyn Bapty, project manager for Univars european operations team, said that the company does not merely adhere to minimum health and safety standards, but instead exceeds legal requirements and strives to be ethically sound in all it does.

“We wanted to standardise the [health and safety] approach in line with our Europe-wide management system, U+, which requires each site to continually improve their safety, health, environmental and quality performance,” he told Materials Handling World magazine.

In related news, gas detection meters were used to measure the amount of natural gas that had leaked into scores of homes and businesses in the North Carolina town of Kingston earlier this week.

Written by Lauren Steadman


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