Keeping Sludge AD Working in UK & Ireland

The Gas Point from Recom (Italy) is an economical, microprocessor-based gas detector for continuous monitoring of toxic gases, oxygen or inflammable gases. Non intrusive calibration and maintenance is performed using a magnetic wand to access the software through the enclosure window – no need to open the enclosure (and obtain special area permits) to perform routine calibrations.

The backlight LCD graphic display shows the gas reading, with wide and visible numbers, together with the measure unit and the gas name.

High sensitivity, long term stability and no false alarms are the hallmark of the new and improved sensors. Fastest response to the target gas combined with minimal interference buy other gases or environmental influences as well as the sensor life-time determine the reliability and the operating cost of a system. Moreover, Gas Point has an analogue 4-20 mA output, for remote control or to transmit the alarm signal. Integrated control on the power supply assures correct working in the case of unstable voltages.

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