Landfill Gas Analyser Pump Boost from Geotech adds customers bright ideas in upgrade.

Are you looking to cut development costs for your new gas detection products? Or perhaps you are looking for new cap abilities and service that go beyond pure sensor delivery, a supplier partnership to give you a new product portfolio with a genuine edge in a very competitive market.

Are you looking to get your product design right first time?

The performance and customer perception of your gas detection instrument is reliant on the ergonomic design, the electronic signal processing and of course the gas sensor technology inside.

A partnership of electronics, mechanical design and gas sensor working in harmony to provide a reliable gas detection instrument giving many years of excellent service for your customer.

To get this right is no easy task and is reliant on the selection of the correct sensor technology and electronics design.

With a heritage of over forty years designing gas sensors, e2v’s engineers and scientists have the expertise to guide your development team in a direction to make the right sensor choice. With a comprehensive
range of sensors across key sensing technologies, we are confident that with our help you can select the best sensor for your application and if you require a custom sensor we can help with that too.

e2V’s customer partnership programme is an exclusive scheme that offers a comprehensive service going far beyond the optimal delivery of sensors. For more information about the customer partnership
programme please go to our website and contact us via our online enquiry service.

e2v, we don’t just sell gas sensors

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