Latest Industrial Flame Detectors from Spectrex

Benefiting from the latest technological evolutions with current European explosion-proof and metrological certification standards, the Catex3, the latest generation of explosimetercatharometer from Gazomatâ„¢, makes it possible to pinpoint the exact location of a leak while ensuring optimal safety for operation in hazardous atmospheres.

The Catex3 developed by Gazomatâ„¢ (France), will arouse the interest of gas professionals in many respects:

• Compact and robust design. The housing’s high performance material, its high protection index (IP 55) guarantee superior resistance to extreme environmental and operational conditions.
• Reduced size and weight for the operator’s greater comfort.
• Great ease of use – the unit is operated via the 3 keys on its front panel.
• High quality LCD screen for perfectly legible readings.
• Reliable and accurate measurements over 3 measurement scales : PPM, LEL and Gas Volume.
• Two scale display of gas concentrations : gas volume and LEL or Gas Volume and PPM, with automatic switching between PPM and LEL scales.
• With the following ATEX marking – II2G EEx ia d IIC T4, priority is clearly given to safety. Users can operate in the most hazardous atmospheres (hydrogen and acetylene). The Catex3 is the explosimeter-catharometer offering the highest level of security in the market.
• With a 12 to 13 hour operating autonomy (at a 20°C temperature), the Catex3 makes it possible for intervention teams to operate over a standard work week without reloading batteries.
• Finally, with the large set of accessories supplied in option, the Catex3 can meet the specific requirements of every operator.
• Very practical, the carrying case can hold the unit and its accessories. With the Catex3 from Gazomat™, leak localisation, concentration measurement or control of the atmosphere have never been so simple and so safe.

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