Leading Gas Detection Manufacturers Achieve ISO14001:2004 Certification

Detecting leaks and monitoring gases such as CH4, CH2 and CO2 “in-the-field” at “hotspots” on landfill sites or at natural gas production and process sites, is now easier thanks to the introduction of the Boreal Laser (Canada) Gas Finder2, available from Allison Engineering.

The portable Gasfinder2 is ideal for open-path, ambient gas detection and multiple path monitoring applications, providing easy and stable alignment. Users will appreciate that it is permanently calibrated, can be easily set-up and operating in less than 10 minutes. Such devices need to be compact and lightweight for optimum portability and the Gasfinder2 meets this requirement by measuring just 26cmL x 20cmW x 16cmH and weighing less than 5kg.

Other useful features include an automated scanning mount that enables full 360 degrees horizontal and 120 degrees vertical scanning, so the systems response does not depend on path length. Therefore, multiple paths can be monitored in rapid succession by deploying a number of reflector targets. Also, between 5 and 10 paths can be scanned within one minute, the path integrated concentrations measured can then be analysed by plume mapping or tomographic software packages.

This provides for example; real-time vertical concentration profiles and measurements of actual fluxes (when combined with wind data) from area sources, or identification of hot spots using horizontal scans.

Thanks to the functions and features of the Gasfinder2, such as; it can sequentially target multiple reflector arrays, takes less than 5 seconds to move from one target to another, takes 5 to 10 seconds measure time at each location and can scan 5 reflectors in less than a minute, the system provides an ideal solution for dynamic flux, concentration and multiple path monitoring.

Typical applications for the Gafinder2 system include, identifying CH4 hotspots and measuring CH4 fluxes in landfills, quantifying leaks of CH4 in natural gas production and processes, quantifying agricultural CH4 and NH3 emissions and measuring CH4 and CO2 greenhouse gas emissions from area sources.

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