Materials Testing Made Easy – From Landfill sites to Pond Liners

For the design of portable ambient air analyzers, there have been in principle two approaches: First, small detectors which are lightweight and simple to use, but don’t often give very reliable results, and can basically only identify the gaseous compounds which are in the air and does not give any indication of the actual concentrations. The second alternative is dedicated gas analyzer, which will give quantitative data as well, but often requires the operator to have a scientific background. These analyzers can also be difficult to use in field conditions, due to their physical size.

Gasmet Technologies set out to combine the best of both approaches. The result is Gasmet DX4030 is a lightweight FTIR gas analyzer, which is small and rugged enough to fit in back-pack yet can detect up to 25 gases simultaneously providing validated results in less than 30 seconds. Gasmet DX4030 also features an easy-to-use PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) based user interface.

Gasmet DX4030 utilizes FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) measurement technology, which is most advanced kind of technology available for continuous gas analysis. In a nutshell, FTIR allows dozens of different gases to be monitored even in minute concentrations (parts per million or ppm). Typical gases include CO2, CO, SO2, NOx, N2O, NH3, CH4, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and other potentially harmful substances.

Gasmet DX4030 is available with the Gasmet Reference Library, which contains IR – spectrum of 250 different gases (quantitative identification). Also available is the Gasmet™ Extended Reference Library with a total of 5224 IR spectra, which is makes it an excellent tool for identification of unknown compounds from a sample (qualitative identification).

With the help of these reference libraries, a single Gasmet DX4030 can be used for many different applications, ranging from identifying toxic gases at an accident site to monitoring of anesthetic gases at inside a hospital operating theater.

Typical Application Areas:

• Industrial Hygiene – Workplace Air Quality measurements of VOC´s
• Cargo Containers – Detection of residual fumigants
• Leak Detection – VOC´s, freons, inorganics – all with a single Gasmet™ DX4030 analyzer
• Hospitals – Monitoring of anesthetic gases, sterilizers and laboratory solvents
• Soil gases – Monitoring of chlorinated hydrocarbons and BTEX at remediation sites
• Greenhouse gases – N2O, CO2, CH4 plus many others

Gasmet Technologies Oy from Finland has been developing and manufacturing gas monitoring systems for demanding industrial applications since 1990. For example, many power plants, waste incineration plants and cement kilns use Gasmet CEMS (Continuous Emissions Monitoring System) to measure the gaseous emissions from stacks. Gasmet Technologies also supplies portable analyzers for industrial hygiene / indoor air measurements and comparison measurements.

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