Methane-plant link disputed by new research

Honeywell (UK) announce the launch of the Honeywell Analytics XD—a portable single-gas detector with data-logging and compatibility with

Honeywell`s MicroDock II docking/testing/calibration/recharging station. Suitable for individual or crew applications in a variety of industries, the XD can monitor one of many common toxic hazards, including Hydrogen Sulfide (0-100 ppm or 0-500 ppm), Sulfur Dioxide, Hydrogen Cyanide, Carbon Monoxide, Ammonia, Chlorine, Phosphine and Oxygen levels.

The XD detector is one component of Honeywell’s newly expanded X series of portable gas detectors designed to accommodate the safety requirements of an entire crew of workers. Up to ten XD detectors or a combination of XD and X5 (5-gas detector) units can be connected to Honeywell`s optional MicroDock II docking station, allowing the safety manager to manage calibration, bump testing, datalogging and recharging of up to six detectors (X5 only) —all within one module.

The XD offers a feature-rich package including a water-resistant, IP66/67 rated housing, EMI/RFI resistance and built-in concussion-proof

boot. A built-in IR COM port allows for automatic data transfer to a computer or MicroDock II docking station module. The large, easy-to-read

display includes a built-in backlight that ensures easy viewing of gas concentration levels and other vital data, even in dim light conditions. An extra loud alarm, flashing LED light bars and internal vibrator alerts the user to hazardous conditions. The XD offers a plug-in, replaceable sensor, multi-language support, 4-level alarms (Low, High, TWA and STEL) and recorded TWA, STEL and peak exposure on demand. The XD is powered by a two-year, 3V replaceable lithium battery.

“The XD offers a wide range of available gases in a rugged housing, as well as advanced capabilities such as data-logging and compatibility with the Microdock II. The Microdock II offers the convenience of docking with other units for multiple testing, calibration and

recharging—all with a simple operation,” said Elisabeth, strategic Marketing Manager Portables (EMEAI). “The high quality of the unit combined with its expanded functionality and competitive pricing makes it an excellent addition to Honeywell`s superb range of safety products.”

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