New BTEX Monitor

Quest Technologies (USA) is pleased to introduce the EVM-7, a rugged and easy to use environmental monitor which combines several instruments into one. With the capability to simultaneously measure and log particulates (mass concentration), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), toxic gas, carbon dioxide (CO2), relative humidity, temperature and air velocity (with optional accessory), the EVM-7 provides a cost-effective solution and reduces the need for multiple instruments.

The EVM-7’s unique, patent-pending dial-in impactor allows for quick selection of particulate settings PM2.5, PM4, PM10 or TSP*, without disassembly. A built-in sampling pump assists in the collection of particulates while the light scattering photometer mass concentration engine provides real-time measurement. A standard 37 mm filter cassette is utilized for gravimetric sampling and laboratory analysis.
Using a high-performance Photoionization Detector (PID) the EVM-7 measures volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Combined with the ability to also simultaneously measure carbon dioxide (CO2) and one toxic gas, the EVM-7 can help identify air quality issues. Additionally, the EVM-7 uses smart sensor technology, which offers automatic sensor recognition at power-on, calibration levels, service dates, temperature compensation and other sensor specific data. Sampling sessions and studies stored in the internal memory can later be downloaded into QuestSuite®Professional II for analysis, charting and graphing.

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