New H2S Gas Detector with HART for Easy Field Communication

Reliable detection of excess CO2, O2 depletion and other gas hazards in the brewing industry is essential. CO2 is extremely hazardous and can kill in two ways:

either by displacing O2, leading to rapid asphyxiation, or as a toxin in its own right. Because CO2 is completely odourless and colourless there is no physical indication of danger until it is usually too late. Quick, reliable detection of CO2 (and O2) levels can therefore be a matter of life and death.

CO2 is a by-product of the fermentation process, and because the gas is heavier than air it can spill out of fermenting tanks and sink to the brewery floor, where it forms deadly, invisible pockets. CO2 is also used in the packaging and bottling process and needs to be carefully monitored. To protect brewery workers Crowcon (UK) has therefore produced a series of hand-held and wall-mounted gas detectors. All are extremely easy to use, even with a gloved hand, and have simple, single button operation. Hand-held products include the Tetra and Tetra:3 multi-gas detectors and Gasman single-gas detector. Fixed products include hazardous area-certified Xgard and Xgard IR multi-gas detectors and the Cellarsafe CO2/O2 detector.

The multi-gas hand-held range can detect up to four of the most commonly found hazardous gases in breweries, including CO2, SO2, H2S and O2. Crowcon has also expanded its IR (infra-red) sensor capability, introducing a new range of IR Tetra, Tetra:3 and Gasman portable detectors. IR technology offers superior reliability, measurement accuracy and stability, either as a single CO2o gas detector or in combination with oxygen and other toxic gases.

When the portable units detect a gas hazard they produce a loud audible alarm (up to 95 dBA), emit a bright red/blue flashing light and vibrate. The visual and vibration signals are especially useful in zones with high levels of background noise where an audible alarm on its own may not be enough. All the units are extremely tough and hardwearing. The portable detectors can be dropped or immersed in water (or beer) and still work perfectly. The Tetra is even designed to float, so can be easily retrieved if dropped in a vat, barrel or other

container of liquid. All Crowcon products are ingress protected to at least IP65 and, in the case of the Xgard fixed range, are IEC Ex, UL and ATEX approved for use in hazardous areas.

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