New In-situ Soil Gas Monitor Provides Continuous TVOC Data

The Polytron 7000 fixed gas detection system from Draeger (Germany) now combines worldwide Appro vals with Safety Integrity Levels (SIL* 2) capability. Supplied with a range of mounting capabilities for use in pump, relay, duct or remote applications, this modular system can also be used with a host of system functionality options. As a result, it brings enhanced flexibility, ease of use, reduced maintenance and minimal system downtime to any application requiring intrinsically safe gas detection.

Believed to be the first gas detector in the world to meet the needs of all toxic and oxygen requirements from a single platform, the versatile Draeger Polytron 7000 provides a fast, straightforward solution to the constantly changing requirements of toxic gas and oxygen measurement in both new and existing installations. Easily upgraded as and when required, the system allows each of the options to be mixed and matched to suit the needs of specific applications.

Offering 4 to 20ma and HART fieldbus capabilities, this accurate, reliable system incorporates sensor self-checking and data/event logging software. In addition, it is compatible with the PDA m515-Ex, which can be used to configure the transmitter, transfer concentration data to a PC, or to copy one configuration to another transmitter.

Simple three-button navigation intuitively guides the user through the menu-driven functions and a large graphic display incorporates descriptive icons as well as plain text information to aid configuration and diagnosis.

Designed to bring the maximum level of operational choice to the user, the system utilises Draeger’s Polytron Docking Station technology that minimises system downtime and simplifies maintenance. This docking station can be pre-installed on walls and pipes without special mounting plates and, at commissioning, can be easily connected to the transmitter via a quick-lock mechanism.

Enabling the fast removal and replacement of “like-for-like” sensors that are equipped with a data memory storing calibration information, the Polytron 7000 is also designed to accept a pre-calibrated sensor under the cost effective Draeger Sensor Exchange Programme.

To ensure optimum performance and reliability, the system is fully compatible with the electrochemical DraegerSensor range. Designed for constant use in the toughest environments, these rugged sensors combine high
sensitivity and extended life with long-term stability. Featuring an embedded data memory, DraegerSensors are able to store all sensor specific data such as gas, sensitivity, self-test parameters, predictive maintenance functions, sensor vitality, temperature compensation, cross-sensitivity and calibration information.

As the data is stored in the sensor and not in the transmitter, this means that calibration can be carried out anywhere and at any time. Eliminating the need for on-site calibration, this also means that as soon as the sensor is plugged into the transmitter, the necessary information is downloaded to the transmitter without requiring any further adjustments.

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