New Intelligent NDIR Sensor for CO2 or HC Detection

The Inspectra® Laser portable detector from Gazomat (France) increases safety and accuracy in natural gas distribution network surveys.

The Inspectra® Laser methane portable detector is part of the range developed by Gazomat™ that uses the High-Tech Laser diode spectrometry technology coupled with a multipass cell. The technology provides 1 ppm sensitivity and total selectivity to methane.

The Inspectra® Laser portable is designed for routine gas leak detection on natural gas distribution networks. The laser technology offers measuring dynamics extending from 1 ppm to 100% gas volume. That unique feature enables the Inspectra® Laser to cover the entire field detection process including leak detection, location and quantification which called for the use of several devices until now. At the same time, it is lighter and more convenient for the operator.

Explosion-proof to Atex certification, it can be used both indoors and in hazardous areas.

Beyond the comprehensive set of accessories it is supplied with, the Inspectra® Laser detector can also be combined with a GPS Tablet system for total traceability of on-foot inspections.

Gazomat’s Inspectra Laser portable detector offers real exciting new possibilities in the area of routine leak detection and network surveys.

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