New Network Survey Software Offers Traceability and User-Friendliness

Geotech (UK) customers requested, “Data storage and download with improved H2S analysis.” In response, Geotech upgraded its Biogas Check after its first three year’s successful in-field use. New features for the rapidly growing and developing anaerobic digestion (AD) biogas market, include an internal H2S gas analysis cell to replace an external plug-in pod and an improved H2S measurement range because of the high level of H2S some AD operators are experiencing. Data storage and download functions are now standard with optional download software. New product highlights from gas-analysis specialist manufacturer, Geotech for the Biogas Check, include: Higher H2S range up to 10,000ppm from 5,000ppm now an internal gas analysis cell; Data storage and download for importing gas analysis data into a spreadsheet; Geotech’s new optional GAMBIO download software and Free data storage and download upgrade to all existing Biogas Check units at time of back-to-factory service and calibration. All are available now on this ATEX certified biogas analyser.

Used with farm waste, food waste, wastewater AD and methane recovery, the Biogas Check measures biogas concentrations of CH4, CO2, O2 and H2S and biogas flow very accurately and very adequately for carbon credit trading with CDM projects. The new data storage and download capability enables consistent collection of data for improved analysis and more accurate reporting and analysis. With field-proven technology, the easy-to-use Biogas Check has user-configurable operation, easy user field calibration and interchangeable filters.

The Geotech Biogas Check measures differential and barometric pressures, reads gas temperature with optional temperature probe, calculates balance gas and measures gas flow with range of external devices including an anemometer, flow pod or Pitot tube. With the CH4 concentration and biogas flow data the Biogas Check helps AD operators assess the total output and yield of methane. It can also help check that the digester process is running efficiently.

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