New Warranties for Market Leading Flame and Gas Detection Products

Poisoned catalysts, divitrified combustion tubes, and corroded UV lamps have been ongoing problems for total organic carbon (TOC) analyzers that run heavy salt matrices. Salt not only shortens instrument life, but also significantly increases required maintenance. Once an analyzer has been attacked by a brine solution, it can be very costly and time-consuming to bring it back into operation.

To address these issues, GE Analytical Instruments designed the new Sievers InnovOx Laboratory TOC Analyzer to handle the toughest samples – all day, every day. By utilizing an innovative Supercritical Water Oxidation (SCWO) technique that achieves greater than 99% efficient oxidation, the Sievers InnovOx is able to run hundreds of brine samples continuously with no recalibration, no system maintenance, and no replacement parts. The InnovOx also removes problematic sample matrix contamination at the end of every analysis. This means there is no salt or oxidation by-product buildup in the reactor, tubing, or valves.

The InnovOx can measure TC, TIC, TOC and NPOC across a 0.5 to 50,000 ppb detection range. It also offers 6-month calibration stability and Web-based remote monitoring.

Read more about the InnovOx and its brine sample performance in the new application note, “The Sievers InnovOx: Redefining Uptime for Brine Analysis.”

Click here for more information on the InnovOx or to access application note, or contact to schedule an on-site demo.

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