Sensit HXG-3P PPM Methane Detector

GOW-MAC® (USA) Gas Analyser is optimised expressly for non-corrosive and corrosive gas analysis. The analyser offers application-specific system configurations for the analysis of industrial and specialty gases used in a wide array of applications: gas laboratories, process control, gas management/monitoring systems, quality control for truck

fills & gas cylinders, welding gas management, semiconductor manufacturing, and many more.

The Series 100TCD Gas Analyser is either 19” rack or bench top mountable. Its flow system consists of pneumatically controlled, automatic gas sampling valves for sample introduction; independent flow controls for each column; and laminar flow design. Two column ovens utilise independent, solid state, proportioning temperature controls with direct dial setting; digital readout; and can handle micro-packed, capillary or 1/8” packed columns. The single detector oven can house

one of three styles of GOW-MAC flow-through, thermal conductivity detectors with a choice of five filament options (application

dependent). The analyser communicates using commercially available chromatography software and has, as standard, 4-20 mA output. Additional features include built-in signal amplification and a filament protection circuit.

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