Senstive Detectors to Robus Gas Detectors Displayed at WWEM

Testing the material for a landfill liner has traditionally been a long, complex and expensive task. Not only does it need to be a barrier against water and water vapour, but also it needs to act against methane, CO2 and a host of other gases and petrochemicals. Unfortunately all of these gasses react differently to each material or Geomembrane, and a product that is highly effective against some of them may virtually useless against another.

For example PVC is around 25 times worse as a barrier to Carbon Dioxide than it is for Nitrogen.

Now Versaperm (UK) has introduced a new version of its highly sensitive permeability measurement system instrument that can measure this characteristic of a material for almost any common gas. In some circumstances it can even measure these all at the same time.

Versaperm’s new equipment is fast, sometimes taking just 30 minutes to give accurate and repeatable results. The equipment is highly sensitive, simple to use and provides automated computerised control. It is accurate in the PPM range for most gasses and in the PPB for some.

The system is unusual as it can measure anything from thin films to composite structures and even sealed joints.


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