Speciality Gases Tailor-Made for Customer Needs

Miniature pumps with extremely long service lives by Schwarzer Precision (Germany) are some of the main components in portable gas analysis devices. Indispensible for reliable functioning, these devices cannot be small enough not to hamper their carriers – and to even save lives, when it counts.

The pump steadily sucks in the ambient air and transports it to the sensor for analysis. Apart from absolute leaktightness to prevent falsified analyses, minimum power consumption if also very important. This is the only way for the accumulators, and thus the devices, to become increasingly smaller.

The worldwide smallest eccentric membrane pump from Schwarzer Precision meets all these requirements. With dimensions of merely 13 x 22 x 32 mm and a weight of only 15 g, the SP 100 EC guarantees perfect measuring results. Optimally coordinated pump components and the innovative High Response Valve System permit this maximum reduction. And thanks to the modular design, the miniature pumps from Schwarzer Precision are adapted exactly to customer preferences. The objective at Schwarzer Precision is: Smaller and smaller, better and better! Revolutionary developments are part of the Schwarzer standard program.

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