Testing Flame Detectors

The G150 CO2 (0-10,000ppm) analyser from Geotech (UK) gives users greater accuracy, precision and speed with all of the functions, options and connectivity expected of the latest equipment. The newly designed and engineered G150 is the ultra-modern replacement for the widely used Geotech CD98 analyser first launched in 1998. Geotech has developed the G150 from 30 years in-house experience and customer-focused research.

At the heart of the new G150, designed and built by Geotech at its UK, Leamington Spa HQ, is a custom Geotech-designed CO2 analysis cell. Geotech’s new infrared absorption cell has increased length for CO2 at very low levels to give maximum sensitivity and accuracy. The G150 is specifically designed for 0-10,000ppm, (0.0-1.0 %). This accuracy is essential as IAQ tests measure very small concentrations of CO2. In normal fresh air CO2 ranges between 380-420ppm (0.038-0.042%) while concerns with sick building syndrome (SBS) start with CO2 as low as 500ppm (0.05%).

Options include oxygen (O2) analysis using a factory-fitted electrochemical cell with a service replacement life of three years in air. The G150 also has an optional probe to measure humidity and temperature. The probe and a carry-case assist environmental site surveyors to work as they move between locations.

The G150’s on-board electronics and microcontroller use the latest proven available technology which has increased data storage, ease of use, longer life and PC and Internet connectivity. The on-board rechargeable battery lasts for more than 12 hours. Moisture removal is built in which aids reading stability and accuracy.

Also new with the G150 is the option of a unique ID for each location against which the G150 stores a set of readings of date, time, CO2, O2, temperature and humidity. In total the G150 stores 1000 data sets. These can be screen-viewed and also transferred manually or via PC-USB cable to Geotech’s optional Analyser Data Manager Software. With this, users can also download calibration events and an analyser’s set-up profiles to copy to another G150 then ready for immediate use. PC connectivity also provides Internet access for remote, down-the-line diagnostics and firmware updates if necessary.

The G150 has a crystal clear screen with an excellent backlight.

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