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Testing Procedures of ChiuVention Smartindale Abrasion&Pilling Tester CV210
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There are various factors that affecting abrasion resistance measurement. Thus, you may need a pilling machine to test the wool abrasion resistance and abrasion resistance of test fabric. Let us share with you Martindale testing procedures and help you to get Martindale abrasion test results.

1. Test piece preparation
In the standard environment, we put the test piece in the tiled state for a period of time according to different standard. For example, 24h (GB/T 4802.2), 16h(EN ISO 12947-4).

2. Test piece selection
The sample shall be cut from different parts of the whole fabric with representative. If it is a fancy fabric , the sample shall include all the different tissues and colors presented by the cloth.

3. Taking down the additional loading weight and bearing axle.

4. Taking down the top and clamp holder.

5. Test placement
Loosening the retaining ring of test clamp, we should put the test piece into the test clamp base. If the test piece is smaller than 500g/m2, we need to put a foam between the test piece and the metal clamp. Oppositely, it is big enough, or it is compound fabric, we don’t need the foam. Each piece held in test clamp should get the same tension.

6. Placement of wool felt and abradant
Putting the wool felt and abradant on the holder, and the weight for sample loading hammer on the abradant, and then tighten the nut in order to fasten the abradant on the holder by retaining rings.

7. Pressing the abradant on the pressure head.

8. Let the side of test clamp with test piece face down, and put it on the test clamp base. After that, the bearing axle should be adjusted until it aligns and inserts the circular groove of clamp.

9. According to standard, we settle the number of times on the tester and turn on it. Won’t be stop itself until it achieves enough times in the measurement.

10. Taking down the test piece and compare it with photographic standard.

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