The 1- to 5-gas Detection Instrument Drager X-am 5000 for Personal Protection

Servomex’s (UK) 5100 Marine Portable Gas Analyser now has the latest marine approvals, including the MED wheelmark, and provides a highly reliable, low-maintenance solution to meet the specific demands of the marine industry.

Developed in consultation with end-users, the 5100 Marine is designed for reliability, simple operation and minimal maintenance and replaces the popular OA 262 oxygen analyser. The 5100 Marine has been specifically developed to meet the latest mechanical and electrical hazardous area standards. Its innovative design is approximately 50% smaller and 30% lighter than its predecessor and the product now holds the latest marine approvals: MED, Lloyd’s Register and DNV Type Approval and ABS Product Design Assessment certification.

The analyser uses proven non-consumable magnetodynamic paramagnetic and infrared technology to offer a choice of oxygen or methane measurement. moulded casing designed to withstand harsh marine conditions and safety requirements. The case’s tough polypropylene body contains stainless steel fibres and the over moulding is carbon loaded, preventing potentially hazardous electrical static build up. The unit has a simple user interface, enabling easy access to key features including calibration and an integrated electronic note-pad that enables readings to be stored for subsequent analysis.

Commenting on the development effort, Aleks Cvetanovska, product manager for the 5100 Marine, said: “In replacing our long established 262A analyser, we wanted to be sure that the new unit maintained our reputation for reliability and low cost of ownership. The new product includes customer requested improvements, such as a pump and lithium ion batteries, whilst retaining the use of non-consumable sensors. This ensures that customers only need to calibrate the unit themselves, rather than having to frequently replace sensors and / or send the analyser ashore for calibration”.

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