The new benchmark in oxygen monitoring

The InfraRan Analyser — a portable, mid-infrared specific vapor analyzer, designed for easy, on-site measurement of sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), is available from Wilks Enterprise (USA). The InfraRanâ„¢ Specific Vapor Analyzer provides accurate, on-site, real-time measurements of SF6. It is factory calibrated for measuring SF6 in the 0 – 5 parts per

million (ppm) concentration range with resolution to 0.01 ppm. The analyser is ideal for fume hood evaluations as per ASHRAE 110, as well as determining airflow in ventilation systems, rooms and buildings.

The InfraRan Specific Vapor Analyser has been designed to be a rugged, field portable instrument, weighing under 18 lbs. It is ideal for both on-site survey studies and laboratory analyses.. The analyser is factory calibrated for SF6 and operation is userfriendly via menu-driven software enabling certified industrial hygienists, as well as

non-technical personnel, to obtain easy, accurate measurements. The InfraRan Specific Vapor Analyser has a internal rechargeable battery for up to 8 hours of continuous field use or it can be operated from a 110/220V power source.

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